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Do you take walk-ins?

We are a by appointment only studio.  Same day appointments are sometimes available.  Please call or text us at 269.767.8456 to inquire.  Whenever possible we suggest using email to schedule an appointment in advance.  

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments are scheduled directly with your artist.  Since our artists are often busy tattooing while at the studio, we prefer email to schedule appointments.

Can you fix/cover up my bad tattoo?

Possibly.  Each fix/cover up tattoo is unique.  In order to address your situation, we’ll need to have a consultation to discuss options.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Tattoos vary in price depending on size, complexity, detail and style.  In order to give you an accurate price range, we suggest a consultation with the artist of your preference.

I have an idea, but I can’t find a picture.  What should I do?

Our tattoo artists prefer creating custom tattoos.  We suggest setting up a consultation to discuss your design ideas.  

Ok, you keep talking about consultations.  What are they and how do I set one up?

A consultation is your initial meeting with your tattoo artist.  They last about 30 minutes and you will discuss your ideas, design options and tattoo placement.  Typically your tattoo appointment is scheduled during your consultation.  Consultations are always free, but deposits are required when scheduling tattoo appointments.

What about white ink tattoos?

In general, our artists do not create white ink only tattoos as they do not heal out well or hold up to the test of time.

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