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The Weeks Before

We can not tattoo skin with wounds or sunburns on it.  Please avoid tanning/extensive sun!  Be careful and inform your artist ahead of time if you if you burn, have cuts or contract something like poison ivy in the area to be tattooed.  We will happily rescheduled you once the condition clears.

The Night Before

Please get a good night's sleep and stay hydrated before your tattoo.   Avoid drinking excess alcohol. 

Morning Of

Eat a good breakfast/lunch before your tattoo appointment.  While getting tattooed your body burns a lot of energy!  Do not drink any alcohol the day of your tattoo appointment.  We will not tattoo anyone who is intoxicated, you will lose your deposit and not be rescheduled.   

What to bring

Bring your government issued ID, we will need a copy of it.  Also bring a sugary beverage and a snack, especially  if you have a long appointment. 

What to Wear

Wear clothing that is easily moved aside to expose the area that will be getting tattooed.  We suggest black clothing whenever possible, as tattoo ink stains.  We are not responsible for any ink that may get on your clothing. 

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