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Studio Policies
Scheduling & Booking:

To keep our artists organized, all scheduling and booking is done via email at


*Deposits are 50% of your session rate. 

*Deposits are credited toward the final sitting of your tattoo.  They are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Keep in mind that our artists all have different styles and only accept tattoos they feel confident tattooing. 



Before scheduling your tattoo appointment, please make sure you can absolutely make that date.  Due to the nature of tattooing/designing it often takes a lot of work to refill an empty appointment within a week's notice.  Often it is impossible due to the time it takes to design a custom tattoo.  This is our rescheduling policy. 

  • Outside of 7 Days - No penalty

  • 3-6 days notice to studio 25% penalty of deposit. 

  • 1-2 Days notice to studio 50% penalty of deposit.

  • Same Day or Non Show is 100% penalty of deposit.

  • Deposit must be replenished before rescheduling.


*We tattoo only clients 18 years and Older


Studio Etiquette:

*Eat before you arrive.  You may bring a beverage with a closed lid and snacks.  

*Arrive at all appointments sober.  Alcohol and tattoos do not mix.

*Please limit the number of guest you have to one.

*Our studio welcomes artists and clients from all walks of life.  Please be respectful of everyone.  Derogatory behavior and comments are not acceptable and may result in the loss of your appointment. 

*Have fun, relax and sing along to the music!

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